Awesome Features

JobRunner™ is a uniquely intelligent scheduling API that was designed for modern web applications, where tasks run in containers and serverless functions. It can easily handle simple job scheduling tasks and seamlessly scales to much more complex orchestration of directed and asynchronous workflows, when you need more power.

Fits Containers and Microservices like a Glove

If you are running containerized workloads, for your microservices or a Kubernetes deployment, the notion of a "server" is ephemeral and relying on a cron job running somehwere can be dangerous. JobRunner to the rescue!

Variety of Event-Triggers Supported.

Jobs can be triggered by a time schedule, another event or an external activator. Make any valid HTTP call - whether you need GET, PUT, POST or DELETE, we got you covered.

Support Of API keys, JWTs and OAuth2 Client Credentials

Security is of utmost importance. We understand that your APIs are protected behind an authentication system. We make using common ones very easy.

Modern, Intelligent System

From our carefully design API interfaces and workflows to our targeted usage of machine-learning and anomaly detection, we deliver the system that "gets" what you need.

Pricing Table


$ 11 .99
  • 10 jobs
  • Basic Intervals
  • Basic Monitoring
  • 10,000 API calls/day
  • 1MB data transfer/day
  • Support: Twitter


    $ 79 .99
  • 100 jobs
  • Advanced Intervals
  • Full Monitoring
  • 100,000 API calls/day
  • 20MB data transfer/day
  • Support: E-Mail


    $ 250
  • Unlimited Jobs.
  • Fully customizable Intervals
  • Machine Learning-Enabled Monitoring
  • Metered pricing of API calls.
  • Metered pricing of bandwidth.
  • Dedicated support.

Monthly pricing. No annual commitments necessary. E-mail us for metered pricing.

Customer Feedback

JobRunner is indispensable in creating complex, event-driven workflows. Our developers love the elegant API!
Lasha Dolidze, CEO, Picktek